Lars Von Trier and a Bit of Hygge

Last week I had the once in a life time opportunity to attend a pre-screening of Lars Von Trier’s new film Nymphomaniac at his production studio Zentropa. Because I attended the screening, I also got to help with the post-production process! This involved answering a long questionnaire after the movie which made sure we understood the story and that there weren’t any story gaps. Another extremely cool part of it was the space to actually give suggestions for the film..,so who knows, Lars might be using some of my ideas RIGHT NOW. I mean, I was even in the same room as him (he was lurking in the background of the screening room, it was awesome). 

Although I had to sign a confidentiality waver, I just have to say that, even though the film editing/effects were far from complete, the movie was an amazing piece of narrative. Sure it had Trier’s quintessential explicit-almost-porn scenes, but it wouldn’t have been the same film without it. But the main character’s life and emotions were captured so incredibly well on scene, that I’ve never related to such an un-relatable as much as I did then. If you can handle it, I will definitely recommend everyone to see this film when in releases this fall. With it’s perfect balance of humous and emotional content, It’s truly Trier’s best film yet. And hey, you will also see Shia LaBeouf naked so…

Anyways, after the film I was given a tour of the studio itself. I got to see where they actually edit the film itself and then Lars Von Trier’s office. 




This was pretty much one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I wish more than anything to blog my heart out about it more, but alas, this will have to suffice until the film’s release. The experience as a whole however just reemphasized my love of film. It’s experiences like these which truly help me discover what I want to do after I graduate, and now who knows, it might be something film industry related. 


I have also recently discovered the true meaning of ‘Hygge’. Although it literally translates to ‘Cozy’, it is actually so much more. Hygge is the feeling of absolute relaxation and happiness. Where stress doesn’t exist, and you are surrounded by lovely people and hyggliet candles. I finally discovered this feeling last Saturday while hanging out with my buddy network (a group of Americans and Danes set up by DIS). We originally planned to play some games and/or watch a movie at my buddy network coordinator, Stine’s, house, but instead ended up becoming lost in each other’s presence and conversations for 6 hours straight. To experience no sense of time worry about social networks or cell phones and to just enjoy the presence of great friends, etc was just what I needed and I couldn’t have been more relived. 

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